Hizkia Felix Winata

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Hello! I'm Felix, a self-taught programmer from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm experienced in web development, particularly React and TypeScript, and also highly comfortable with managing Linux systems, building CI/CD pipelines, task automation, and managing deployments.

I have a knack for automating as many things as possible, and I'm always looking for new ways to make things more efficient.


PT Faraday Tekno Energi · of Software Engineer, Part-time / Contract, Sep '20 - Present

  • Built the company's landing page
  • Developed and maintained a web application for the company's pilot project, which captures and aggregates data from solar panels into a single dashboard.
  • Helped plan a multi-tenant architecture for the B2B monitoring platform, which allows for real-time monitoring of multiple sites and devices.

PT Pintu Kemana Saja · Software Engineer, Part-time, Feb '20 - Aug '21

  • Rebuilt Pintu's landing page using Next.js and TailwindCSS, and optimized it to load nearly instantly on both mobile and desktop.
  • Created Pintu Academy, a knowledge base for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and trading. Built using Next.js and Wordpress, leveraging Incremental Static Generation to deliver dynamic content while still maintaining a fast loading experience.
  • Optimized the KYC flow for ops with a tool to extract details from identity card photos using Google Cloud Vision API, and perform automatic cross-referencing to quickly generate heuristics on the application's legitimacy.
  • Helped grow the app's userbase by implementing the referral UI on the app, using React Native.
  • Built the DCA calculator backend with NestJS, and implemented the mobile UI in React Native.
  • Helped implement dark mode for the Pintu app.

PT Rupiah Token Indonesia · Full-stack Engineer, Internship, Full-time, May '19 - Sep '19

  • Helped kickstart the company by developing Rupiah Token's website from scratch with React.
  • Helped push Rupiah Token to be accepted on the Binance exchange by implementing a multisignature BEP2 wallet before native multisig was available, using Amazon CloudHSM to generate ECDSA signatures.
  • Celebrated the launch of the token on the Binance Chain by generating a vanity transaction themed around Indonesia's independence day, 17/8. [tx]
  • Built a stripped-down, hardened Linux distro for airgapped cryptographic key generation, management, storage, and signing.


University of Wollongong at Singapore Institute of Management · Oct '19 - Sep '22 (ongoing)

  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Big Data)

Honors and Awards


  • Ragtag Archive · Public archive of VTuber videos on YouTube, built with Next.js, Elasticsearch, and Cloudflare Workers. Currently indexes over 80,000 videos occupying nearly 500 Terabytes of storage, and attracting millions of monthly page views.
  • fc2-live-dl · CLI tool to download live streaming videos from FC2 in original quality, built with Python, asyncio, and ffmpeg.
  • hoshinova · CLI tool with a web UI to monitor and automatically record live streams on YouTube, written in Rust.
  • · Small blogging platform built with Next.js, hosted for free on Vercel and leveraging Cloudflare KV for storage.
  • Share Your Story · Contract job to build a Progressive Web App for mental health and wellbeing. A Twitter-style social networking platform focused on sharing stories and writing down thoughts.